Basic Manners and Puppy Classes


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*NEW PUPPY CLASS*  TBA at 7;30 -8:30

Location:  A Good Dogs Life Campus

Cost: $80 for 4 weeks

Class Description:

Start your relationship off right- with a strong, clear communication system. We will help you and your puppy learn how to better understand one another through a series of games that build communication. Games include socialization, fun relationship bonding, training, and shaping games. Experience the joy of having a dog that whips around and looks at you every time you say their name. We start with a well-designed program where dogs really learn what every cue means! Using only positive methods to grow your bond and increase your growth as a team.

This class is 4 weeks long and will be held at A Good Dog’s Life at 33 Hidden Acres. Appropriate for puppies 10 weeks- 4 months old.


Basic Manners I Class RegistrationPay Now or Later
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New class: Monday evenings starting April 12th 6:00 – 7:00   Instructor:  Susan Wilson | Location: A Good Dogs Life Campus

  Instructor: Susan Wilson | Location: A Good Dogs Life Campus

Cost: $120 for 6 weeks

Class Description:

The basic goal for this class is to train you to train your dog, in a way that gives the dog a great understanding of what you desire. Teaching you to set up clear criteria for your dog so that you are consistent and fair with the dog. We help you set up a good communication system with the dog so that teaching the dog becomes something that is easy and fun. With this in mind, people come to the first class without their dogs so they can focus on learning our training philosophy.  The students will go home with homework to do with their dog so the dog will be prepared to succeed in their first class.

Behaviors we cover in the class. Focus on you, name recognition, sit and down stays, coming when called, walking on a loose leash, a leave it command, playing with your dog, place command (dog will go to mat or bed and hang there until they are released) getting your dog to relax, greeting people properly (not jumping up) and a trick. We also discuss and answer any questions and issues the class members might have. One example of this might be, How do I teach my dog to take cookies without biting my hand.

We teach people how to set up structure and boundaries in their homes by coming up with five rules that they stick to for the life of the dog. For example, Feeding time is the same every meal. Not the same time but the same routine. The dog sits the owner puts the bowl down and then releases the dog to the bowl. Our basic goal is to help you to have the dog of your dreams. A well behaved dog that is fun to take with you on many adventures.

This class is 6 weeks long and will be held at:

Mondays: A Good Dog’s Life campus, 33 Hidden Acres, Asheville
Tuesdays: Shooting Stars Agility campus, 660 Williamson Rd, Mills River


Instructor:  Susan Wilson 


Basic Manners II Class Registration – Pay Now or Later
(pay now saves your spot in the class)

Cost: $120 for 6 weeks

Class Description:

Takes people and dogs that have completed basic to a higher level. Working with the dog and human team to make it more of a partnership with the dog as an active partner. Getting behaviors on a verbal command only so you do not have to physically help them. Teaches heeling so the dog will walk right at your side when you need them to. Work on greeting other people and their dogs in a way that allows you to focus on the other human when needed. Preparing you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Continuing to work on proofing the recall to be really reliable with distractions. We also play games that help make the training fun and challenging for the dog and their humans. We find that the more educated a dog is the better more interactive companion they become.

This class is 6 weeks long and will be held at A Good Dog’s Life campus at 33 Hidden Acres.

BASIC Manners III – Taking it On the Road

This class takes all the behaviors you learned in Basic I and II on the road.  It is a small class with a max of 6 people and we meet in different locations around town to work with our dogs with the distractions of real life.