Shooting Stars Agility teaches YOU to train your dog, building a great relationship with your dog so that you can meet any goals you have with your family companions.

Our specialty is Agility training classes that can help you build a foundation for agility, other performance sports or a foundation for an amazing family companion. A well-mannered dog is fun and easy to take on any & many adventures.

Sign up for our programs and get ready to play, have fun and enjoy your dog.

If you have some problem behaviors, we can also help you with those. Our training philosophy is based on reinforcing and teaching behaviors we desire and managing the dog so that those undesirable behaviors are hard for them to practice. Showing the dog what we desire versus nagging or trying to punish the behaviors we don’t desire.

We believe this is much clearer for the dog and more fun and less stressful for the dog and human team, setting everyone up for success.

We address problems in our classes and work with people in private lessons to help you meet the goals you have for you and your dog.